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Our Services

The segments that we cater to includes

Commercial - Corporate Offices | Malls | Retail Luxury Villas & Apartments | Luxury Hotels & Resorts | Cinema Halls | Multiplex | Hospitals | Educational Institutions and more

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PMC (Project Management Consultancy) Services

Project Management Consultants manage the Project by application of their Knowledge, Skills, and Experience at various stages. However PMC has to face various challenges in the area of Design, Constructability, Long lead materials, Inter Contractor Coordination, Engineering & Safety and so on. These issues could be tackled by the well organized approach of the PMC. This also includes adopting various types of tools of higher management like Reporting dashboard, Round table progress Review and conduction of brainstorming sessions, training on various field, design – construction interface, Daily quality audits, quality diligence & delivery sessions in team. With decades of expertise, we are the best choice.

Design & Architectural Services

The site is examined as well as the client is consulted for specifications. The next phase is known as the schematic designs phase wherein we make a design based from the data gathered from the pre-design phase. Then, the review phase which is only optional if the client demands revisions. Then lastly the Finalization Phase wherein we shall submit necessary documents as well as the design to the client. All these are process oriented ultimately to create a design of great quality.

Interior Design

Turnkey Interior Designing

Turnkey, as the name suggests, incorporates end-to-end processes within a project by providing all the required services to design and build your interior space, By managing the project from the first point of contact, through to handing over of the keys. A bare-shell apartment/office space/greenfield site, is turned into a fully functional residence/office as per the client's requirements and handed over. The solutions include but are not limited to, civil, interiors and modular furniture, HVAC, electrical services, networking, carpentry works, plumbing and furniture. It would also include appropriate and quality sourcing of international products for clients. Single point sourcing for all the requirements help provide effective control and management during the course of any project.

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