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Finding the right designer for your project

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Finding the right design partner

K Srinivasa Murthi (Chief in Design - SGK)


You've picked a design, and now it's time to find the best designer for your project. You've done research online and in person, but now you're at the point where you'll have to make some tough decisions about who can do the job best. How do you know if someone is worth hiring? What should you look for in a great designer? In this post we'll answer those questions and more!

Look for a designer who shares your vision.


When you're looking for a designer, it's important to find someone who shares your vision. You want them to understand what kind of business or brand you're trying to build and why that project is important. They should also be able to connect with your target audience and understand why they might need or want what you've created.

You'll also want someone who can help create something unique from other projects in the same industry because there are always new trends coming down the road—and if yours doesn't stand out from the rest of them, then maybe it doesn't matter anyway!

Consider how the designer's portfolio can help you with your decision.


The portfolio of your potential designer should be relevant to the project you're hiring for. If they have a lot of work in the corporate world, that's great—but it doesn't necessarily mean they're right for your business.

If you're looking for a creative design firm, look for one that has experience with many different industries and types of projects. When it comes time to narrow down your list, consider how well each candidate's portfolio matches up with what type of company or brand you want to build.

Make sure you can communicate with the designer.

Communication is a key part of any successful project, but it's not just about talking.

  • Listening. The designer should be able to listen to you and understand your needs as well as their own ideas and style of working. They need to be able to ask questions when they don't know something, and give suggestions on how they can help you achieve the results you want. If a designer is not interested in what you have to say, they probably won't get very far with your project!

  • Communicating clearly and concisely. If there’s no flow between what you want from them and how they communicate with their clients then there will be an issue down the line - especially if deadlines need meeting!

Don't hire someone just because they fit your budget


        Don't hire someone just because they are cheap or free, but do consider budget options when interviewing designers. You get what you pay for. If you're looking for a designer who can knock out your project in a few days and doesn't have any experience with your industry, then go ahead and pick them up.

        But if you're looking for someone who understands the vision of your company and will work hard with you to create something unique for the market, then it's important that that person has some background knowledge about how things work in this industry (and preferably some experience working within it). Otherwise, they'll be forced into making assumptions based on their own lack of understanding which can lead to mistakes being made—and those mistakes may cost thousands of dollars!

Talk about their process for pricing, hiring talented people and working with clients in more detail than just a few sentences.

  • How do they charge?

  • How do they hire people?

  • How do they work with clients? What kind of communication is used between them and their team members, or with the client (if there's a project manager)? Do they have a process that everyone follows no matter what project it is, or are there some exceptions to this rule?

  • What kind of communication methods do you use when working with your team members and colleagues on a project at work or at home - email only; phone calls only; both online meetings via video conferencing software like Google Hangouts or Skype as well as face-to-face meetings up close; etc., depending on what type of situation we're talking about here today!

Find the right designer for your project!

       You need to find the right designer for your project. Not only will they be able to help you achieve your goals, but they will also be able to provide a good experience for your customers and help you stand out from the competition.


       The bottom line is that you need to be able to find the right designer for your project. The best way is by asking around, talking with other people who have used their services and researching online.

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